Dryvan Truck Driving on the Road

Looking For a truck?

Look to Cain Logistics Group for a Safe, on-time, and Cost-effective price whether your load needs our 53-foot trailers or a cargo van. We have your back for the Short or long haul. We serve across the country to Mexico and out to and from Canada.

Taking Heavy Haul Trucking to the next level


At Cain Logistics, We know our customers trust us to get transportation services of all kinds. Whether it is transporting Pharmaceuticals and other Temperature Sensitive shipments like Produce or meat packing logistics. We are trusted due to our transparency and tried and proven methods to make it simple to concentrate on what’s most important to you. At Cain, our agents are experienced and capable of handling the complexities and requirements needed to get the job done Safe and Secure.

Temperatures of Shipments are constantly checked and Monitored Throughout the trips to maintain product integrity and quality—no matter the industry: Frozen foods, Medical Supplies, And or Biotech industries.


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